Inclusion at ACT

ACT recognizes the importance of inclusion in people and ideas. With a mission and presence that are both national and international in focus, embracing the elements that make individuals different and unique is not only the right thing to do, it is an organizational imperative.

ACT's plans for inclusion go beyond equal employment opportunity and strive to create a working environment that is truly diverse and brings out the best in each of our employees—employees who are different in terms of race, age, education, gender, skills, traits, learning styles, lifestyles, beliefs, sexual orientation, and physical attributes.

Many initiatives are already in place.

  • We use a wide variety of methods to identify and recruit the high-caliber staff required by our operational areas. As a result, the level of minority representation in our workforce is one of the highest in the Iowa City area and continues to grow.
  • We have established the ACT Inclusion Committee, consisting of a team of individuals whose creativity will yield initiatives designed to provide support to those who work within ACT, as well as appeal to and engage with those whom we serve.
  • We support and collaborate with various entities, such as the University of Iowa, Diversity Focus, and the National Alliance for Doctoral Education in the Mathematical Sciences, who share similar goals with respect to diversity, retention, and education.

We are proud of who we are and what we have been able to accomplish so far but we are committed to even greater efforts.