What AIM Tells You

The ACT® contains a wealth of data that often goes unused because campuses lack a tool to view, manipulate, and share the data.

AIM lets you access:

Cognitive Data

  • ACT scores and subscores
  • National and local norms
  • Prediction research data

Student Profile Data

  • Demographic and background information
  • Admissions/enrollment information
  • Factors influencing college choice
  • Educational plans, interests, and needs
  • Financial aid, work and family income
  • Extracurricular activities and plans
  • High school information
  • Out-of-class accomplishments
  • Evaluation of high school experience
  • High School Course/Grade Information
  • Information on courses completed, planned and not planned
  • Self-reported grades for courses completed

Interest Inventory

  • World-of-Work map regions
  • Scores and percentile ranks in six job families