The focus of this year’s College Choice Report is students’ selection of a college major or program of study among the ACT®-tested high school graduating class of 2013. This is an important topic for enrollment managers and admissions officers to consider, as students’ choice of major has a number of implications for postsecondary institutions, such as anticipating the demand for seats within and across individual programs of study and helping students to find programs of study that are a good fit with their interests.


54%The percentage of 2013 high school graduates who took the ACT college readiness assessment. More about Test Taking
57%The percentage of EOS colleges that use students’ planned major or occupation as a search criterion. More about EOS Context
4 out of 5The share of students who selected a specific planned major during ACT registration. More about Planned Major Status
32%The percentage of females interested in majoring in the area of Health Sciences and Technologies. More about Choice of Planned Major
2 out of 5The share of ACT-tested students who were very sure of their planned major choice. More about Certainty of Planned Major Choice
62%The percentage of students who indicated that they need assistance with their educational/occupational plans. More about Needing Assistance with Educational/Occupational Plans
36%The percentage of students who selected a planned major that is a good fit with their measured interests. More about Interest-Major Fit
2 out of 5The share of undecided students who have best-fitting majors in the areas of Business; Education; and Community, Family, and Personal Services. More about Best-Fitting Major
50%The percentage of students with planned majors who indicated that availability of college major was the most important college choice factor. More about Major as a College Choice Factor
7 out of 10The share of ACT-tested 2013 high school graduates who enrolled in college during fall 2013. More about Enrolling in College
75%The percentage of ACT-tested college students who attended a four-year college. More about Level of College Attended
47%The percentage of 2-year college students who declared a major that was consistent with the major that they planned when they registered for the ACT. More about Consistency of College Major
1 out of 3The share of college students who declared a major that had poor fit with their measured interests. More about Interest-Major Fit
21%The percentage of previously undecided 4-year college students who declared a major in the area of Business. More about Undecided Students

Part 1: Preferences and Prospects

Focuses on the students’ choice of planned major, certainty of planned major choice, request for assistance with educational and occupational plans, Interest-Major Fit, best-fitting major, and selection of major as the most important factor in choosing a college.

Part 2: Enrollment Patterns

Focuses on the college enrollment of these ACT-tested high school graduates and addresses topics such as the consistency of college major choice between ACT® college readiness assessment registration and the first year of college and changes to Interest-Major Fit among students who declared majors outside of their planned major areas.

Part 3: Persistence and Transfer

To be released Spring 2015, Part 3 will focus on student persistence within majors between the first and second year of college, changes in Interest-Major Fit among students who changed majors, and the relationship between Interest-Major Fit and student persistence both within major and within college.

Interactive charts and maps

Visual comparisons of state- and region-aggregated information about the college choice behaviors of ACT-tested students.