ACT Compass® affords an unprecedented amount of flexibility and customization.

Test Packages

You can select the subject areas in which you wish to test your students. The ACT Compass software comes preloaded with standard test packages commonly used by postsecondary institutions across the country. You can also establish your own test packages and specify routing rules for the adaptive tests. This ensures you're testing students' skill levels in subject areas that are appropriate to the curriculum at your institution.

Cutoff Scores

The ACT Compass program comes preloaded with recommended cufoff scores based on national averages. You can adjust these cutoff scores to meet the requirements of your institution. You are encouraged to evaluate your students' success rates and adjust these cutoff scores so they meet your institution's placement goals.

Placement Messages

ACT Compass allows you to write your own placement messages to go with each cutoff score. Typical placement messages include information such as what course the student should take, where to register, and how to access academic support programs and services.

Local Items

ACT Compass allows you to include up to 40 local items (30 multiple-choice and 10 four-digit items).