Research Reports

The following ACT Research Reports are available to ACT Compass® users to help with campus, state, and regional reporting and accreditation information needs:

Entering Student Descriptive Report (campus, system, state, national) for use in describing the characteristics, needs, plans, and skills of students who initiate the "becoming a student" process; includes options for creating subgroup reports for groups of students of special interest (students interested in a particular program, from a particular high school, with particular types of needs, etc.)

Returning Student Retention Report (campus, system, national) for use in identifying the retention patterns occurring at the institution and identifying the student characteristics that are related to those retention patterns; includes options for creating subgroup reports

Course Placement Service (campus, system) for use in describing and evaluating the outcomes of course placement practices on campus, providing information to assist in the setting or fine-tuning of placement cutoff scores; also provides an option for developing placement cutoff score linkages between pairs of placement measures from different tests (ACT Compass/The ACT, ACT Compass/ACT Asset, ACT Compass/local instruments)

Student Outcomes Survey Report (campus, system) for use in gathering and summarizing the recollections, recommendations, and evaluations of students regarding their experiences at the college; collected near the conclusion of their experience at the college

CAAP Linkage Report (campus, system) for use in outcomes reporting on the academic development status of students in general education areas (writing, reading, mathematics, critical thinking, science) as measured by the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP). The writing skills, reading, and mathematics measures (as measured by ACT Asset or ACT Compass) can also be linked to students' academic development status at the time of entry (as measured by ACT Asset or ACT Compass), including amount of course participation in the analyses.

For more information, call ACT's Research staff at 800.645.1992 during ACT's business hours. Follow the prompts to reach reporting services.