Standard Individual Report

The Standard Individual Report available within the ACT Compass® software provides a wealth of information about students and their abilities. This is the immediate report that students and relevant institutional staff (e.g., advisors) can receive following testing.

Download a sample report (PDF; 1 page, 22KB) to see for yourself.

The first section of the report identifies the student and the location and date of testing.

Student Background and Educational Plans
The second section reports the student's responses to demographic, background, and educational plans items selected by the institution. The institution can activate any or all of more than 30 preworded items (address, home phone, etc.).

Local Demographic Item(s)
The institution also can add up to 40 locally developed interest questions (30 multiple-choice and 10 four-digit items). Student responses can be printed on the student score report and are included as variables in each of the COMPASS/ESL Research Services.

Help Requested by Student
The report indicates up to 16 areas for which the student has requested assistance and refers the student to resources recommended by the college. The institution prepares the text and enters it into the software.

Choice of Programs
The system can provide detailed messages about individual program choices.

Assessment Results and Related Recommendations
The report identifies the Administration Mode (locally created grouping of tests) delivered to the student. The institution controls which tests are administered, as well as their order, length, and accuracy level. Cutoff scores and placement messages are defined by the institution. In the sample report, recommendations were prepared for students whose program choices were assigned by the institution to the placement group titled "Accounting Program Recommendations."

The report summarizes results for the placement measure(s), reporting scores, testing times, and recommended course placements. It also summarizes results for the diagnostic measure(s), providing more detailed information about the student's algebra skills in the areas of "substitution, exponents, setting up equations, and polynomials-factorization." The diagnostic recommendations provide information approved by staff to identify instructional responses most appropriate to the student's needs.

Additional results and recommendations for Reading and Writing Skills appear on page 2 of the live reports.

The student reports can be printed immediately or on a delayed basis at the discretion of the institution. All advisors connected to a network supporting ACT Compass can access individual student records in the system with full review and print options.