Trigonometry Placement

(Trigonometric Functions and Identities)
1. Which of the following is equivalent to (1 - cosine squared of theta) over cosine squared of theta ?
 A.  sec2theta
B.  (csc2theta) – 1
C.  tan2theta
D.  sin2theta
E.  - (1 over sine squared of theta)
(Right-Triangle Trigonometry)
2. From a point on the ground the angle of elevation to a ledge on a building is 27°, and the distance to the base of the building is 45 meters. How many meters high is the ledge?
  A. 45 over sine of 27 degrees
B. 45 over tangent of 27 degrees
C.  45 sin 27°
D.  45 cos 27°
E.  45 tan 27°
diagram of building


1. C
2. E

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