Listening Sample Questions—Level 3

NOTE: The shaded sections of the Listening items are the audio passages that students hear. These passages will not appear on the student's computer screen.

Item Types: (1) Recognizing main ideas; (2) Recognizing instructions or directions

Listen to the taped information from a college.


Thank you for calling T-R-A-I-L, or TRAIL, the taped registration and information line. The TRAIL system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want information about classes offered by the college, press 1. If you want to register for specific classes, press 2 and follow the instructions. You will have 15 minutes to register. You must confirm your registration by pressing the zero key before you hang up or the computer won't accept your registration. If you have any questions, call the registration office at 555-4933. Press 1 for information or 2 to register now.

1. What is the TRAIL system used for?
empty box A. To go to classes
checked box B. To get information and register for classes
empty box C. To speak to someone at the Registration Office
empty box D. To get your grades

2. What will happen if you do NOT confirm your registration?
empty box A. You will have to pay more.
empty box B. The computer will change your registration.
empty box C. You will need to take more classes.
checked box D. The computer will not accept your registration.