Reading Sample Questions—Level 2

Item Types: (1) Inferring meanings of words; (2) Locating explicit details

Read the paragraph about the emporium in Galveston.

Shoppers enter the emporium, which is on the ground floor, through the original 14-foot doors. You can eat a sandwich inside while sitting on a wooden seat at an umbrella-covered table, or you can buy meats and cheeses by the pound for a picnic on the beach. There is also a wide selection of Texas foods, beers, chocolates, books, baskets, and specialty coffees and teas. A wine room features Texas, U.S., and international wines.

Adapted from Ann Gallaway, "A Present from the Past." ©1994 by Texas Highways.

1. In the passage, what does the highlighted word "emporium" mean?
checked box A. Store
empty box B. Beach
empty box C. Bar
empty box D. Hotel

2. What can you buy at the emporium?
empty box A. 14-foot doors
empty box B. Wooden seats
checked box C. Meats and cheeses
empty box D. Ground floors