Educators know that a student's success isn't guaranteed by knowledge or skill alone, and ACT research confirms that the best predictor of academic success is a combination of academic achievement and academic behavior.

But how do educators accurately measure a student's behavior? And how can schools use that information once they have it?

ACT Engage® answers these critical questions. Used alone or in combination with our broad range of academic assessments and curriculum, ACT Engage is an easy way to learn more about your students and get actionable information that will boost your graduation rates and improve students' academic performance. ACT Engage is an easy-to-administer assessment which allows students to provide their feedback relative to their academic behavior. ACT Engage Teacher Edition allows teachers or counselors the opportunity to provide feedback on a student's academic behavior. In combination, ACT Engage and ACT Engage Teacher Edition provide a holistic view of your students.

ACT Engage and ACT Engage Teacher Edition help educators:

  • Identify students at risk of experiencing academic difficulties or dropping out
  • Understand students' areas of strength and need
  • Identify interventions and/or support resources to assist students
  • Determine where school- or system-wide resources or interventions may be needed
  • Monitor and track student behavioral progress

ACT offers ACT Engage for three levels of students:

ACT offers ACT Engage Teacher Edition for two levels of students: