How to Order

Online ordering makes purchasing EOS names easy and convenient.

Use ACT's EOS Service to:

  • Specify search criteria using a wide variety of student geographic, personal, and academic characteristics
  • Receive real-time volume estimates for the programs you specify
  • Purchase names online
  • Immediately download selected records to your PC

In addition, with the online service you can view current and prior-year programs and access updated student pool volumes.

EOS Conditions of Use

Access to ACT® and PLAN® names is restricted to accredited postsecondary educational institutions and to scholarship agencies that offer programs of study at the postsecondary level, educational enrichment programs, or financial aid for postsecondary study. Institutions must also accept and use the ACT, ASSET®, or COMPASS® scores for entering students. Consortia or other groupings of institutions are eligible to send a group message through EOS only if all members of the consortium qualify individually.

Government-directed agencies, such as state and federal student financial aid agencies, ROTC scholarship programs, and nonprofit organizations, such as corporate and foundation scholarship programs, may also be eligible to participate, provided they represent degree-granting educational programs and/or award financial aid for education as an integral part of their programs. Requests from such agencies must be submitted annually in writing, accompanied by an explanation of the intended uses of the EOS names and a sample of the materials to be sent to students identified through EOS. Each request will be reviewed and acted upon individually.

Supporting Information:

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