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Research and Reporting Services

EPAS® includes a variety of economically priced supplemental reporting options for ACT Explore® and ACT Plan®:

Alternative Student Roster and Score Labels (schools and districts)
These services (available for ACT Explore only) provide your student roster in an alternative sort order selected by you and self-adhesive labels that report your students' scores. (Score labels are included in the standard PLAN reporting package.)
Customized Summary Report (schools and districts)
This report presents the same layout of information as the ACT Explore or ACT Plan Summary Report provided as a standard service to users, only you select one or more subgroups for which the report will be prepared.
District Summary Report and Presentation Packet (multi-school districts)
This report includes the same features and benefits as the ACT Explore or ACT Plan Summary Report, except it is based on all tested students in your district. The Presentation Packet summarizes your district test results in graphic (chart) form. It includes district three-year trends in average scores and comparisons of the test results of the individual schools in your district with districtwide and national results.
CD-ROM/Diskette Service (schools and districts)
This service provides a complete data record on each tested student in your school or district for the current year.
Linkage Reports (schools and districts)
These optional reports can make EPAS even more powerful in helping students develop their potential and helping educators evaluate instructional programs by monitoring the performance of students over time.
These reports link data on students who take either ACT Plan and the ACT or ACT Explore and ACT Plan.
These reports feature clear formats; succinct, jargon-free narrative; and easy-to-read tables and graphs. EPAS linkage reports can help schools:

  • Assess change in performance over time for individual students and for your school or district as a whole by "linking" information across assessment programs.
  • Highlight strengths and pinpoint areas of possible improvement in the preparation of college-bound students for postsecondary education.
  • Determine strengths and identify areas where improvement may be possible in the academic preparation and career planning of students who will enter the workforce after graduation.

For more information about EPAS Research and Reporting Services, use the Information Request form.