EXPLORE® contains four curriculum-based assessments: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The assessment is based on the major areas of high school and postsecondary instructional programs and measures the skills and knowledge needed for college success.

Additionally, EXPLORE includes a career exploration component that stimulates students' thinking about future plans and relates personal characteristics to career options.

English Test Content and Number of Items
Punctuation 6
Grammar and Usage 8
Sentence Structure 11
Strategy 5
Organization 5
Style 5
Total 40
(30 minutes)
Mathematics Test Content and Number of Items
Pre-Algebra 10
Elementary Algebra 9
Geometry 7
Statistics/Probability 4
Total 30
(30 minutes)
Reading Test Content and Number of Items
Prose Fiction 10
Humanities 10
Social Sciences 10
Total 30
(30 minutes)
Science Test Content and Number of Items
Data Representation 12
Research Summaries 10
Conflicting Viewpoints 6
Total 28
(30 minutes)