ACT's national office complex is located in the midwestern university community of Iowa City, Iowa. ACT also carries out a variety of functions at facilities from coast to coast and in other countries.

National Office, Iowa City, IA
This modern complex is staffed with men and women with education and experience in testing and measurement, computer technology, marketing, publications production, communications, education, writing, editing, finance, and management.

Main Campus Map Towncrest Center
Conference and Dining Centers McCarrel Center

Office of Strategic Initiatives, Washington, DC
This office serves as the liaison with national education consortia and the federal government. The team focuses on advocacy, policy initiatives, and the development of key partnerships for ACT.

Hunt Valley, MD
The Hunt Valley office specializes in product research, development, testing, and customer support for several of ACT's products. This team is primarily focused on and supports our core computer and web-based testing and placement programs.

Chattanooga, TN
The ACT KeyTrain office in Chattanooga houses workforce sales and development functions. Workforce curriculum development, including product development and support for the ACT KeyTrain and ACT Career Ready 101 products, also is conducted in this location.

Offices Throughout the World
ACT's international initiatives build on the education and workforce services ACT has developed over the past five decades and extend them to individuals and organizations throughout the world.

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