Submitting Data

How Do I Provide Information?

To update your institution’s data, please go to Login information is emailed in January of each year to the ACT IDQ contact on record. The system is open for submissions each year between the end of January and the middle of April. To assist you, we take your current ACT IDQ data and display it on the same page you will use to enter new information. When possible, we also include data from your institution’s submissions to the federal government’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

What If I Am a First-Time User?

Our online questionnaire starts with general information about the service. You may also want to consider joining the ACT IDQ Listserv to share any questions you might have with the ACT IDQ community of users. ACT staff also can assist you by phone or through email. Contact Us for more information.

What If I Need Other Departments to Complete Sections of the ACT IDQ?

You do not have to complete the ACT IDQ by yourself. You can share your login information with appropriate staff from Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, Student Services, or other departments, allowing them to complete sections of the questionnaire. The system saves your data as you move from page to page. Each user should use the logout button at the top of the screen to leave the system.

How Do I Submit My Updates?

Whether you complete the ACT IDQ yourself or have other departments contribute, as the contact at your institution, you control when your updates are submitted. After all the updates have been made and you have reviewed the information, simply click the Submit All Data button.