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Archival 50th Anniversary Photos
1959 Test Administration
Early Test Form
ACT Founders E.F. Lindquist and Ted McCarrell (standing beside scoring machine)

Student Test-Takers
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Richard L. Ferguson
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Dr. Ferguson is ACT's chief executive officer and chairman of the board.
Cynthia B. Schmeiser
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Dr. Schmeiser is president and chief operating officer of ACT's Education Division.

Sample ACT Test Questions—College Readiness Benchmarks

The sample ACT test questions include a passage and/or a test item from each of the four ACT tests in English, reading, mathematics and science. Students who score at or above the College Readiness Benchmark on a test (18 in English, 21 in reading, 22 in mathematics and 24 in science) will be able to correctly answer the sample item for that test.

For additional information, please contact ACT Media Relations at or (319) 337-1028.