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ACT Asset®

Year Introduced



The ACT Asset Student Success System is a set of paper-and-pencil assessments that help postsecondary institutions advise, place, and retain students. ACT Asset provides:

  • An individual planning form to supplement test scores
  • Immediate score reports for students
  • A proven record of validity and reliability

Note: Whereas ACT Asset is a paper-and-pencil assessment, ACT Compass® is a computer- or Internet-based adaptive assessment.

Intended Users

College and university students and course placement personnel

Volume/Number of Users

More than 50 community and technical colleges in the United States currently use ACT Asset.

Additional Facts

ACT Asset scores indicate areas in which students are already strong and areas in which students may need help. Thus, ACT Asset can identify problems in major subject areas before they disrupt or delay a student’s educational progress.

Tests include three basic skills measures:

  • The Writing Skills Test measures usage in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing strategy, and writing style.
  • The Reading Skills Test measures a student’s ability to find specific information and to make logical inferences in text information.
  • The Numerical Skills Test assesses knowledge and skills in basic math. This test also measures pre-algebra.

And four advanced mathematics measures:

  • The Elementary Algebra Test measures skills taught in a first-year high school algebra class, i.e., simple algebraic expressions and linear and quadratic equations.
  • The Intermediate Algebra Test measures skills taught in a second-year high school algebra class: factoring, graphing, calculating slope and distance.
  • The College Algebra Test measures skills taught in a first-year college algebra course: performing operations with complex numbers, exponential functions, factorials, and graphs of polynomials.
  • The Geometry Test measures skills taught in a high school geometry class: formulas and principles related to squares, triangles, circles, and other geometric figures.

Examinees are allowed 25 minutes for each test. Immediate scoring permits timely advising and course placement.