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ACT Career Curriculum (ACT Career Ready 101™ and ACT KeyTrain®)

Year Introduced

Created in 1997; acquired by ACT in 2010


  • ACT Career Ready 101™ is an Internet-based career training system that enables instructors and training programs to empower learners to design and travel selfpaced pathways to career opportunities. It incorporates ACT KeyTrain® along with additional career-related courses and tools.
  • ACT KeyTrain is a complete interactive learning tool for foundational career readiness cognitive skills. This Internet-based learning system delivers the only content verified by ACT as fully aligned with the ACT WorkKeys® assessment system.

Intended Users

Job seekers, employees, employers, trainers and educators, and schools

Volume/Number of Users

  • 2013: 6.4 million lessons
  • 2012: 6.7 million lessons
  • 2011: 6.6 million lessons
  • 2010: 5.6 million lessons
  • 2009: 4.3 million lessons

Additional Facts

These self-paced, Internet-based courses are available via computer anytime, anywhere.

Features of ACT KeyTrain:

  • Engaging, stimulating learning activities that motivate user success
  • Tools inspiring efficient learning by individuals with all levels of literacy
  • Contextualized learning content that promotes relevance to the workplace
  • More than 40 courseware modules aimed at every level in every ACT WorkKeys cognitive skill area
  • Interactive exercises encourage learners to practice individual concepts
  • Adaptive placement test identifies appropriate curriculum entry point
  • Pretests and posttests for all topics, subject areas, skill areas
  • Full integration of ACT job profiling data—exclusive to ACT KeyTrain and ACT Career Ready 101
  • Only curriculum verified by ACT as aligned with the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT NCRC™)

Features of ACT Career Ready 101:

  • All of the ACT WorkKeys courseware and learning tools available in ACT KeyTrain
  • Content aligned to the ACT NCRC and ACT WorkKeys Talent assessment
  • Instructional materials to support group learning activities provided at no extra charge
  • Interactive exercises encourage learners to practice individual concepts
  • Multisensory, multimedia learning experience combining text, graphics, animation, and human-voice audio
  • Capabilities to contextualize content to specific career clusters
  • Specialized content for learning to apply ACT WorkKeys skills to jobs and careers
  • Online applications for developing resumes, searching for jobs, and mastering interviewing skills
  • Full integration of ACT occupational profiling data—exclusive to ACT KeyTrain and ACT Career Ready 101
  • Robust real-time reporting tools for instructors, programs, and statewide deployments

Note: ACT Career Ready 101 is available only from licensed sites and cannot be purchased by individuals.

KeyTrain and Career Ready 101 were originally created by Thinking Media, a Chattanooga-based company, as a custom developer of highly technical, customized computer-based training for manufacturing and government agencies. In December 2010, ACT acquired these products in order to incorporate the curriculum and training offerings into its ACT Work Readiness System and is committed to expanding the program to support both potential employees and the employers who seek to hire them.