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ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS)

Year Introduced



ACT EOS is a free college and scholarship information service designed to benefit students who take the ACT or ACT Plan. Through ACT EOS, students receive information about colleges and programs that might be of interest to them, as well as college scholarship and financial aid opportunities. Colleges use ACT EOS information to reach out to students who might be interested in their particular programs.

Intended Users

High school students, colleges and universities, and scholarship and financial aid agencies

Additional Facts

  • ACT EOS student information is protected and made available only when a student authorizes ACT to do so.
  • Only selected student information is released and only to organizations that provide educational, scholarship, career, or financial aid opportunities to students—mostly colleges and universities.
  • There are stringent restrictions on how colleges and agencies may use student data. In order to access the information, users must agree that the student data:
    • will be used only by themselves
    • will not be released to any other party not working directly for them
    • will be used only for purposes of informing students by mail or email about educational and financial aid opportunities available to them through that institution.
  • ACT follows industry standards for high levels of security to protect private and personally identifiable information.
  • ACT EOS data allow colleges and universities to identify prospective students from across the country.