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ACT Profile

Year Introduced

Beta release: 2013


ACT Profile is a first-of-its-kind mobile, social, and free college and career planning tool built on decades of ACT research.

Intended Users

Individuals wishing to use a research-based tool to help them navigate life’s key decision points in college and career planning

Volume/Number of Users

More than 7,500 individuals have created a profile as of December 2013. New profiles are being created every day.

Additional Facts

  • Individuals may log in using a computer, smartphone, or tablet to create a personalized profile. ACT Profile offers free college and career planning selfassessments to help pinpoint the individual’s unique interests, values, and skills. Personalized results are then populated onto interactive career and major maps. From there, information related to specific schools, majors, and careers is available to explore and share with others.
  • ACT Profile is built on more than 50 years of ACT research and analysis for education and more than 30 years of research and analysis for career readiness. Personalized insights for students offer access to information about 1,500 popular majors and nearly 6,000 different careers—including extensive, detailed information about 448 majors and 555 careers. Students can use this information to better understand the connections between their unique interests, abilities, and values, and potential education and career paths.

Note: ACT Profile is currently in “beta” meaning that it will continue to evolve and grow over time.