Professional Development

Five-Day Professional Development

It's not just curriculum or resources that determine student success in the classroom—the role of the teacher is the most critical component. That’s why QualityCore offers an aligned and cohesive professional development system designed to help teachers, counselors, and school leaders understand and maximize the academic readiness and academic behaviors of their students. See our research (PDF; 10 pages, 446KB) examining how participating in professional development relates to end-of-course performance.

The five-day professional development series offers an in-depth look at the QualityCore online materials and how to utilize them in conjunction with existing curriculum and classroom materials. The five-day model also strengthens teachers’ ability to utilize assessment data, including the analysis of student work, to adapt and differentiate instruction to meet individual students’ needs. In addition, the series focuses on helping educators structure their courses and classrooms in ways that encourage high academic achievement.


  • The five-day series includes a three-day session at the beginning of the school year, a single-day fall session, and a single-day winter/spring session.
  • Professional Development is offered by domain, in English, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies.
  • Each event is facilitated by master teachers trained in ACT research and methodology.
  • Materials include a Participant Handbook, Educator’s Toolbox, course-specific binder, and additional model units, when available.
  • The series is affordable at a total cost of $750 per person for the five days of training. Events are invoiced per session: $450 per person for Days 1–3, $150 per person for Day 4, and $150 per person for Day 5.
  • Professional Development may be hosted at a client's site with a minimum enrollment of 15 participants per domain. If the number of registrants is less than the maximum of 36, any unfilled seats will be made available to the general public.


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