Number of Graduates Who Took the ACT by Race/Ethnicity

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About 319,000 more high school graduates completed the ACT in 2013 than in 2009, an increase of about 22%.

In 2013, about 58% of all ACT-tested graduates were White, 13% were African American, 14% were Hispanic, 4% were Asian, 4% were of Two or More Races, 1% were American Indian, less than 1% were Pacific Islander (about 5,000), and 6% were No Response. From 2009 to 2013, the number of ACT-tested high school graduates increased from 1.480 million to 1.799 million students. Substantial numerical increases occurred for Hispanic students (increase of about 126,000), White students (94,000), African American students (43,000), and students of Two or More Races (29,000). Proportionally, the largest increases were by Hispanic students (about 94%) and students of Two or More Races (80%).

Note: Counts by race/ethnicity might not sum to total counts due to rounding. Race/ethnicity categories changed in 2011 to reflect updated US Department of Education reporting requirements.

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Number of ACT-Tested High School Graduates by Race/Ethnicity, 2009–2013

Graph reads: In 2009, about 1,480,000 US high school graduates had taken the ACT at least once during their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Of that group, about 196,000 were African American students and 16,000 were American Indian students.

African American196215223222240
American Indian1616151414
Pacific Islander255
Two or More Races3643465664
No Response99938785110

Numbers are in 1,000s.