Information Brief 2012-36

ACT College Readiness Benchmark Attainment by Career Interests and Race/Ethnicity 2012

The chart below shows how attainment of all four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks in English, mathematics, reading, and science among ACT-tested 2012 high school graduates varies with occupational choice across racial/ethnic groups. Like in 2011, the percentage of students who met all four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks varies substantially both by occupational choice and by racial/ethnic group.1

Percentage Meeting All 4 College Readiness Benchmarks by Occupational Choice

Chart showing percentage of students meeting all 4 College Readiness Benchmarks by occupational choice
Occupational ChoiceAfrican AmericanAsianHispanicWhite
Applied Arts (Visual)2.89%20.45%6.57%20.47%
Community Services4.35%39.98%10.56%27.49%
Engineering & Technologies7.70%45.33%20.61%48.14%
Health Care1.89%17.63%5.05%15.40%
Medical Diagnosis & Treatment11.16%58.60%21.28%41.39%
Natural Science & Technologies8.51%50.62%20.80%42.84%
Social Science4.39%40.53%10.83%30.80%
All Students4.70%42.00%12.70%31.90%

Note: The data for “All Students” are based on approximately 1.6 million ACT-tested 2012 high school graduates. All other data are based on a subset of 969,733 of the “All Students” who reported an occupational choice and were very sure or sure about their choice. About 9 percent of those students were very sure or fairly sure about their choice but did not specify it.

1See Information Brief 2012-10.

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