Information Brief 2013-18

Trends in High School Extracurricular Activity Participation: 2006 and 2012

In the last seven years, participation in high school extracurricular activities by ACT test takers has remained fairly stable. The greatest increase in participation was in social organizations such as fraternities or sororities, which increased from 8% in 2006 to 12% in 2012. Political organizations, on the other hand, were among the least popular in 2006 (5%) and decreased further in 2012 (3%).

Percent of ACT-Tested High School Graduates Participating in Extracurricular Activities, 2012 and 2006

Race/Ethnic Organizations5%4%
Political Organizations5%3%
Fraternity, Sorority, or Other Social Clubs8%12%
Student Government15%14%
Drama or Theater16%15%
Vocal Music17%15%
Instrumental Music20%20%
Religious Activities22%21%
Varsity Athletics42%45%
Service Organizations (School or Community)43%45%

Note: Data are based on 1,666,017 ACT-tested 2012 high school graduates.

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