Information Brief 2013-46

ACT National Curriculum Survey®: K–12 Teachers’ Opinions about the Need for Curriculum Change in Response to the Common Core State Standards

Percent of K–12 Educators Reporting They Will Need to Change Their Curriculum “Not at All” or “Slightly” Given State Adoptions of the Common Core State Standards (among Educators Aware of the Standards)

Elementary School60%65%48%
Middle School53%66%62%
High School55%72%62%

In many states, districts, and schools across the United States, the Common Core represents a significant change in expectations for what students need to know and be able to do before high school graduation. Considering that, it is notable that such high proportions of the K–12 teachers surveyed in the ACT National Curriculum Survey reported that they will need to change their curriculum “slightly” or “not at all” to reflect the standards.1

This confidence may suggest that teachers believe that they already teach to a college- and career-ready standard, or that, given a lack of familiarity with the standards (as found elsewhere in the survey), they may simply be as yet unaware how much impact the new standards will have on what they teach.

1 ACT, Inc., ACT National Curriculum Survey 2012: Policy Implications on Preparing for Higher Standards (Iowa City, IA: Author, 2013).

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