Archived Information Briefs

2004-2  High Skills and High Pay—2004 Update
2004-1  Retention, ACT Composite Score, and College GPA: What's the Connection?
2002-3  Using Posttesting to Show the Effectiveness of Developmental/Remedial College Courses
2002-2  Mathematics and Science Achievement and Course-Taking for College-Bound High School Students
2002-1 Interpreting ACT Assessment Scores
2001-3 What Helps or Hinders Students' Chances of Success in College?
2001-2 Improving Performance on the ACT Assessment
2001-1 Facts About Scoring the ACT Assessment
2000-2 Monitoring Changes in High School Average ACT Composite Scores Over Time
2000-1 High Skills and High Pay—An Update
99-2 What Helps or Hinders Students' Educational Achievement?
99-1 Is the Graduating Class of 2000 Prepared for Jobs of the New Millennium?
98-3 How Significant Are Changes In My School's Average ACT Composite Score Over Time?
98-2 Are America's Students Taking More Science and Mathematics Course Work?
98-1 High Skills and High Pay: A Message for High School Students
97-2Making Good Admissions Decisions Using ACT Test Scores and High School Grades
96-1Academic Choices: Increasing Ethnic Minority Students' Chances for Success in College