Returning Student Retention Report

The Returning Student Retention Report provides extensive enrollment, course completion, and re-enrollment pattern information on ASSET®- and COMPASS®-tested students for institutions using these instruments.

This report contains a detailed examination of six different retention pattern groups, ranging from students who were accepted but did not enroll (pattern 1) to those students who enrolled, completed one or more courses and re-enrolled in the following term (pattern 6). Reports can be created for each of five enrollment terms during the year at no charge (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer1, Summer2).

Here are typical questions the Returning Student Retention Report can help answer:

  • What proportion of our first-time enrolling students re-enroll in the following term, and how do the abilities differ between those students who persist versus those who do not persist?
  • How do the background characteristics of students with different patterns of enrollment compare?
  • Are there greater percentages of specific student needs for students that are not successful versus those that are successful?

Page section from sample Returning Student Retention Report

Page section from sample Returning Student Retention Report

For more information or to request forms, please call the Returning Student Retention Report Coordinator at 319/339-3089.

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