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ACT's Standards Used in Three States, in Three Ways

In schools around the country, teachers, students, and administrators are using ACT's Standards in innovative ways.

  • In conjunction with the GEAR UP program at Anadarko and Durant High Schools in Oklahoma, teachers use ACT's Standards to discuss and implement curricular change.
  • In Township High School District 214 in northern Illinois, counselors use ACT's Standards to help place students in ninth-grade classes and to keep parents informed of their children's progress.
  • In the state of Washington, students use ACT's Standards to describe to their parents the scores they earned on EXPLORE® and the steps they plan to take to improve those scores.

These and many other innovative uses of ACT's Standards were begun when the Standards were known as the Standards for Transition. Revised and renamed the College Readiness Standards™ in 2005, ACT's Standards continue to foster college readiness in diverse settings and in a wide range of creative ways.