Getting Started

The process for setting up an ACT statewide testing program typically follows the schedule below. (For EXPLORE and PLAN statewide administration timelines, please contact us.)

The state commits to the program, signing an agreement to proceed. ACT will provide a detailed description of the services. The state decides which testing dates will occur and which tests will be administered.

A launch meeting takes place, involving representatives from the state and the ACT implementation team. Final decisions are made about each party's roles and responsibilities and the testing schedule.

The state signs off on the description of services and the schedule, including affirmation of all critical dates (such as training workshops, interpretive workshops, and test dates), data transfers, reporting options, psychometric procedures, augmentation (if applicable), number of days, student population participation, school participation, state use questions, and data collection requirements.

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Implementation training takes place for districts and key decision makers. The training sets expectations regarding the implementation of the assessment programs and must take place before the end of spring semester.

Training takes place for principals and school decision makers at the test sites. This sets expectations regarding the test site establishment process and appointments of testing staff.

Training takes place for test accommodations coordinators to set expectations regarding the process of administering accommodations.

Training takes place for school-level personnel. Each school must identify a Test Supervisor, a Back-up Test Supervisor, and Test Accommodations Coordinators for training.

March to May
Administration of the ACT on selected date

June to August
Aggregate reports are delivered to the schools, districts, and state.