Workforce and Economic Development

The availability of skilled labor is a major factor in helping business executives and economic development consultants identify the best locations for expansion and relocation.

A growing number of states, communities, and organizations are choosing the WorkKeys® system and the National Career Readiness Certificate as the foundation for career readiness initiatives that energize their economic development and workforce strategies.

Prove you have a skilled workforce with WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate.

Benefits for Community and Economic Development

  • Encourage businesses to stay in the community
  • Increase the tax base through more profitable business partners
  • Decrease unemployment rates
  • Improve the quality of life for community residents
  • Provide focused education and training needed to meet both individual and organization goals

Case Study

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Keenan Wade, MTEC, State of Michigan, discusses use of the National Career Readiness Certificate in Michigan. (2:32)

"We have a K–12 system, connected directly to a workforce system, connected directly to employers that are using a tool as part of an integrated process, around a common language, for the very first time." Rachael Jungblut, senior program manager at Grand Rapids Community College, director of the National Career Readiness Certificate Initiative for West Michigan WIRED