A Better Measure of Skills Gaps (24 pages; 857KB)
ACT released a research report designed to assist economic and workforce developers as they contend with the increasing mismatch, or skills gaps, between labor market supply and demand in America. The report proposes a simple definition to describe the skills gap phenomenon and sets forth detailed and specific measures to analyze skills gaps in four major industry sectors. With this paper, ACT recommends a balanced approach for skills gap analysis that incorporates rigorous quantitative methods with an eye for practical application.
ACT Policy Brief: Defining Credentials for the Public Workforce System (PDF; 88KB, 9 pages)
This paper outlines how the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) meets the definition of "credential" as defined by the US Department of Labor Employment (US DOL) and Training Administration's Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 15-10.
Breaking New Ground: Building a National Workforce Skills Credentialing System
This report introduces the need and associated benefits for establishing a national workforce credentialing system, as we know of no other set of activities more important than getting a critical mass of state, national, and public and private workforce leaders to co-construct this foundational framework to address our national workforce challenges.

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