Career Seeker FAQ

How do I prepare to take a WorkKeys test?

Take advantage of WorkKeys test preparation resources on our website.

You can also check with your counselor to see if there is WorkKeys training software available at your school.

Read about how to use WorkKeys scores in the real world.

What do my scores mean?

See our information about understanding your WorkKeys scores.

Why should I take this test seriously?

Your scores can help you make career decisions and help you get the job you want. Compare your WorkKeys scores with the WorkKeys scores needed for different careers to find out which jobs you qualify for today.

Some colleges require WorkKeys scores before they'll admit you or put you into a specific academic program.

Also, some employers require WorkKeys scores before they'll even consider you for a position. For other jobs, high WorkKeys scores can help you stand out. Using WorkKeys scores to prove you have the skills employers want can move you to the top of the list.

How do schools use WorkKeys test scores?

Schools may use WorkKeys test scores to:

  • help students explore education and employment options
  • chart students' academic growth

Also, many schools use WorkKeys scores to help determine which courses to offer.

What if I don't do well on a WorkKeys test?

Not doing well doesn't mean failure—it means you need to improve a particular skill. See our training and test prep information for ways to improve your skills. Then you can retake a WorkKeys test after you've had some training and improve your score.

How can I obtain a National Career Readiness Certificate?