Career Clusters and Areas

The 26 career areas are listed below, arranged within the six career clusters. For each career area, examples of occupations are provided.

Administration & Sales

  1. Employment-Related Services
    Employee Benefits Manager; Employment Interviewer; Human Resources Manager; Labor Relations Specialist; Training/Education Manager
  2. Marketing & Sales
    Advertising Manager; Buyer; Insurance Agent; Real Estate Agent; Sales/Marketing Manager; Travel Agent
  3. Management
    Financial Manager; Foreign Service Officer; General Manager/Executive; Hotel/Motel Manager; Property/Real Estate Manager
  4. Regulation & Protection
    Customs Inspector; Detective (Police); FBI Agent; Food & Drug Inspector; Park Ranger; Police Officer

Business Operations

  1. Communications & Records
    Abstractor; Court Reporter; Hotel Clerk; Medical Record Technician; Title Examiner/Searcher
  2. Financial Transactions
    Accountant/Auditor; Bank Teller; Budget/Credit Analyst; Insurance Underwriter; Real Estate Appraiser; Tax Accountant
  3. Distribution & Dispatching
    Air Traffic Controller; Flight Dispatcher; Mail Carrier; Shipping/Receiving Clerk; Warehouse Supervisor


  1. Transport Operation & Related
    Aircraft Pilot; Astronaut; Bus Driver; Locomotive Engineer; Ship Captain; Truck Driver
  2. Agriculture, Forestry & Related
    Aquaculturist; Farm Manager; Forester; Nursery/Greenhouse Manager; Tree Surgeon/Arborist
  3. Computer & Information Specialties
    Actuary; Archivist/Curator; Computer Programmer; Computer Systems Analyst; Website Developer
  4. Construction & Maintenance
    Carpenter; Electrician; Firefighter; Plumber; Security System Installer
  5. Crafts & Related
    Cabinetmaker; Chef/Cook; Jeweler; Tailor/Dressmaker; Winemaker
  6. Manufacturing & Processing
    Printing Press Operator; Sheet Metal Worker; Tool & Die Maker; Water Plant Operator; Welder
  7. Mechanical & Electrical Specialties
    Locksmith; Millwright; Technicians in various fields (for example, Automotive, Avionics, Broadcast, Sound)

Science & Technology

  1. Engineering & Technologies
    Architect, Engineers (for example, Civil, Mechanical) & Technicians (for example, Energy, Quality Control) in various fields; Production Planner; Surveyor
  2. Natural Science & Technologies
    Biologist; Food Technologist; Geologist; Meteorologist; Physicist
  3. Medical Technologies
    Dietician/Nutritionist; Optician; Pharmacist; Radiographer Technologists in various fields (for example, Medical, Surgical)
  4. Medical Diagnosis & Treatment
    Anesthesiologist; Dentist; Nurse Practitioner; Physical Therapist; Physician; Veterinarian
  5. Social Science
    Anthropologist; Criminologist; Political Scientist; Experimental Psychologist; Sociologist


  1. Applied Arts (Visual)
    Animator; Fashion Designer; Graphic Artist, Software; Photographer; Set Designer
  2. Creative & Performing Arts
    Actor; Composer (Music); Dancer/Choreographer; Fashion Model; Musician; Writer/Author
  3. Applied Arts (Written & Spoken)
    Advertising Copywriter; Columnist; Editor; Interpreter; Librarian; Reporter/Journalist

Social Service

  1. Health Care
    Athletic Trainer; Dental Hygienist; Health Services; Administrator; Psychiatric Technician; Recreational Therapist
  2. Education
    Athletic Coach; College/University Faculty; Educational Administrator; Teachers in various specialties (for example, Art, Foreign Language, Music)
  3. Community Services
    Counselors in various specialties (for example, Mental Health, Rehabilitation); Lawyer; Social Service Director; Social Worker
  4. Personal Services
    Flight Attendant; Gaming Occupations Worker; Hairstylist/Barber